Duino Al Cavalluccio – Ideal stopover in east Italy

Duino is famous because of a German poet Rilke. He stayed there and wrote his elegies. The town is just after or before the Slovenien border depending on where you coming from. If you want to have your first or last good dinner or good coffee it is ideal to stop here. It has a nice little port with a reasonable restaurant called Al Cavalluccio. It has a huge wine list and a very enthusiastic sommelier called Miro. You can taste all different kind of local wines and he tells you about it.
The food is good and a the view is fantastic. The local accommodation is perfect and cheap. It is much better to stop in Italy than over the border where it is harder to drink good wine and eat good food.
Of course if you want to have Michelin star rated gourmet food you have to travel at least 30 km more from this place. But to have gourmet food by the sea it is at least 100 km.

Here is the view:


 Here is the menu


And the place