In the name of fish – Osteria del Mare – Tuscan seaside Castiglione Della Pescaia

Osteria del Mare is the best restaurant in the town and the chef probably had a fish as a symbol in kindergarten. It is all about fish from decoration. Do not expect anything else.

The town itself is surprisingly charming. Of course every Italian town is nice but this quite far from the main road and not only a lido (beach) but a town and it makes much different than northern Tuscan lidos. Small beaches big port under the medieval castle a little main square with busy restaurants and bars. Ideal with kids because the parents can have fun too.
The town was built on fishing the river like port is full of tiny fishing boats. They unloading their catch in the evening. It is worse watching. They serve as a guarantee for good food in the restaurant.


They have sing like this. Saying the catch is sold in local places. And the unloading, real attraction!


Now back to the restaurant! They have a terrace but if you want to have a table there you have to book in advance. They are quite busy. On the menu hard to find anything else but fish.

Every part of design is about fish!

The raw plate (Crudo) is the most important at good fish restaurants. They have a wonderful one. Of course from these fisherman they get good daily supply. 


Raw plate/ Crudo



Perfectly done tuna. 


This one is an exiting dish. Fish panzanella (bread salad)!


Highly recommended town and restaurant!